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Billabong High International Noida (BHIS, Noida), a CBSE affiliated (Playgroup to XII) school envisions to create an educational system of learning that brings out the human excellence in every child. We support and nurture children with abundant opportunities to develop their creativity, learning curve, reasoning skills, and build scientific temperaments. We are committed to sensitizing our young learners to the needs of the community besides inculcating values like integrity, fortitude, dedication and respecting diversity.

Enriched Interdisciplinary Curriculum

The teaching-learning transaction of the curriculum takes place keeping in mind the Bloom’s Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligence theory, VARK Model, Neuroscience and Brain research theory, digital age and globalization and thematic learning. It follows an integrated and a multi-disciplinary approach towards the curriculum wherein all the subjects are interwoven and one concept reflects upon the varied areas of the curriculum. It is transacted in such a way that the learners ascend from LOTS (Lower order thinking skills) to HOTS (Higher order thinking skills). Prediction of situations, giving twists to the story, suitable title to the content, analysis of an unknown situation, a new ending to the story are some of the tasks undertaken to ensure thorough grasping of the concepts to strengthen decision making, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Experiential learning is the best method to involve active participation of students to experience scientific concepts. Children are provided with situations where they apply their understanding of the concept and get more info create role plays, stories, jingles. For example, while studying about the animal or plant adaptations, they create/design their own plant/animal with different adaptations to survive. Children are also encouraged to explore through nature walks, debates, quiz, presentations and other group activities. They are regularly updated with recent scientific discoveries and explorations.

Empowerment & Life Skills Program

Billabong High International School encourages students from a young age to take the initiative read more and go where no man has gone before. Their leadership qualities are nurtured through participation in a competitive house system and student prefectship. As they grow older, their latent abilities #ICT skills as leaders are further fostered through formal training programmes in click here life skills and Adolescent Peer Educators Program. The wellbeing of students is taken care of by the school counselors. Students check here are given a platform to be alert, responsible and empowered through student committees like Peer Educators, Child Abuse, Anti-Bullying Squads and Pocso that imbibe them with the basic life skills and leadership qualities. Workshops on understanding and coping with emotionality, preventing substance abuse, high risks sexual behavior, violence and aggression, career counselling, coping with emotions, time-management, conflict and anger management, balancing academics and activities, managing result anxiety etc. are in integral part of the school empowerment program. Jeevan- Kaushal Club has been formed on the objective of inculcation of basic lifeskills to deal effectively with the challenges of life & manage them through problem solving & critical thinking skills.

Thematic Assemblies

Thematic assemblies give BHIS learners ample opportunities to portray and apply their knowledge through different mediums ranging from oratory to ICT skills.

BHIS aims at education that produces well-grounded, resilient and successful human beings. We strive to wholeheartedly serve learners to make every learning moment a joyful, effective and meaningful one.

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